Soccer Programs for All Ages, by Alexandra Chapman

Since the age of 11, current high school student Alexandra Chapman has played and coached for the Victor Soccer Club in Victor, New York. Here, Chapman introduces the programs offered by the organization, which has enriched the lives of the town’s youth for many years.

Before 1997, the Victor Soccer Club existed as two individual clubs, the Victor Travel Soccer Club and the Farmington Youth Soccer Club. The merger not only combined the resources of the two teams, but also allowed players in both areas to choose between Victor’s competitive teams and Farmington’s recreational play. The Club now offers league play for youth aged 5 through 19. In the summer, the league’s 5- and 6-year-old players enjoy a “micro” soccer league, while players 7 through 16 can choose between recreational league play or all-star/select tournament competition. In addition, 17-year-old players also receive eligibility for the tournament program. Summer travel teams are also available for players ages 8 through 19.

In the fall, micro-league play continues for 5- and 6-year-olds, and recreational play remains available for ages 7 through 12. The Club also offers skills development sessions throughout the year, including its popular off-season Winter Skills Academy.


Things to do in Disney World By Alexandra Chapman

With its array of attractions, Disney World can be a confusing maze and a bewildering feast for the senses and imagination. To help you out, here are a couple of recommendations of for must-visit attractions to fit into your itinerary.

posted at All Rights Reserved1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic: If you are a kid, the Magic Kingdom should be a must-see in your itinerary. Once you are in the neighborhood, make sure that you catch this wonderful 4-D film at one of the “largest seamless screens” in the world. The film, which lasts twelve minutes, includes a compilation of scenes from Disney classics and is styled as an indoor ride.

posted at All Rights Reserved 2. World Showcase: The name says it all. Located in the Epcot neighborhood, the World Showcase enables you to sample cultural delights and learn a great deal about the mosaic that is our planet. The attraction comprises pavilions from 11 countries, where you can sample regional artifacts such as shopping goods, cuisine, and movies.

About the Author: Alexandra Chapman of Victor, New York, has visited Disney World over 10 times. A student at Victor High School in New York, Alexandra Chapman has received numerous awards and is a member of several academic organizations.

Victor, New York, Student Alexandra Chapman Explains the Advanced Placement Scholar Awards

The Advanced Placement Program (AP), an organization that offers exams and courses to high school students for college credit, grants awards to those who demonstrate outstanding achievement. Students so honored receive a certificate and an acknowledgement listed on AP scores forwarded to universities.

The AP breaks the awards down into tiers. The organization grants the National AP Scholar distinction to American students who average a 4 on their AP exams and receive the same score on at least eight such exams. To receive the AP Scholar with Honor award, students must achieve a minimum average of 3.25 on exams and a minimum of a 3 on at least five exams. The AP Scholar goes to those who earn at least a 3 on at least three exams.

The above represents a fraction of all awards available to AP participants who perform as required. However, subscores on the calculus AB, music theory nonaural, and music theory aural exams do not count toward the AP Scholar Awards.

Interested students can investigate further at

Alexandra Chapman, a student enrolled at New York’s Victor High School, earned the AP Scholar with Honor distinction for her strong performance on AP exams.