Alexandra Chapman is having fun at Mayfest at

Alexandra Chapman is having fun at Mayfest at Syracuse University. Can’t wait for Kesha later performing at the Dome.


Alexandra Chapman is playing soccer with her friends at Syracuse University. It’s 77 degrees out!

Alexandra Chapman is reading the book Les Miserables. It’s 1600 pages. She loved the movie too.

Alexandra Chapman: Final Exam Study Tips

A dedicated student, Alexandra Chapman of Victor High School in New York maintains continuous Honor Roll achievements by practicing good time-management skills and practical study habits.

The final exam is something that every student continuously faces. Since the task of preparing for final exams can be daunting, it’s a good idea to develop and practice good study habits. These habits can develop into skills that are useful later in life, whether it be in post-secondary courses, career environments, or even everyday household management.

  1. Write down your schedule. With all the electronic devices and digital organizers today (not to mention the trusted agenda notebook), it is easy to have a well-planned schedule. Keeping a schedule and developing a study routine will help you to manage your time better, letting you mentally handle more academic responsibilities.
  2. Read, recite, and review. This has been proven to be one of the most efficient study methods around. Passively reading through material is not enough. You must commit what you read to memory. Experts suggest reading through one section, turning away and summarizing it in your head or in writing, then comparing the information with the original source.
  3. Test yourself. Create a sample final. Many times, teachers will give students practice exams. Take advantage of these, or, if no practice exam is available, write your own. This will help you decipher between what you really know, what you think you know, and what you need to learn.

Alexandra Chapman is heading off to a meeting for Phi Sigma Pi. This is a fraternity that she is pledging.

Alexandra Chapman is participating in relay for life at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse tonight. Hoping to raise a lot of mney for this event.

Alexandra Chapman is going shopping today at Destiny USA. It’s a huge mall in Syracuse, NY.