Victor, New York, Student Alexandra Chapman Explains the Advanced Placement Scholar Awards

The Advanced Placement Program (AP), an organization that offers exams and courses to high school students for college credit, grants awards to those who demonstrate outstanding achievement. Students so honored receive a certificate and an acknowledgement listed on AP scores forwarded to universities.

The AP breaks the awards down into tiers. The organization grants the National AP Scholar distinction to American students who average a 4 on their AP exams and receive the same score on at least eight such exams. To receive the AP Scholar with Honor award, students must achieve a minimum average of 3.25 on exams and a minimum of a 3 on at least five exams. The AP Scholar goes to those who earn at least a 3 on at least three exams.

The above represents a fraction of all awards available to AP participants who perform as required. However, subscores on the calculus AB, music theory nonaural, and music theory aural exams do not count toward the AP Scholar Awards.

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Alexandra Chapman, a student enrolled at New York’s Victor High School, earned the AP Scholar with Honor distinction for her strong performance on AP exams.